Prototype Wiring Shield v.5 for Arduino UNO Duemilanove Seeeduino

This prototyping shield is the best out there (well, we think so, at least). It works with UNO, NG, Diecimila and Duemilanove Arduinos. You can use it with a Leonardo but it will not break out the hardware SPI pins (they're only on the ISP connector underneath) or the IOREF/SDA/SCL pins. However, the SDA/SCL pins on the Leonardo are also on digital #2 and #3 so you can still use them by connecting to #2 and #3.

  • Latest Version 5
  • All Arduino data pins brought to the top level
  • 5V and GND rails also on the top level
  • 2x buttons and 2x LED for general purpose
  • SOIC place for IC

Precio: $9.38

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