L298N is a kind of high voltage,high current motor driver chip produced by ST company.Having 15 pins as package, this chip has such features as high working voltage(maximum voltage up to 46V),large output current(instantaneous peak current up to 3A,continuous working current 2A) and 25W of rated power.Two built-in H birdge high voltage and large current full bridge drivers can be used to drive the DC motor and stepper motor,relay coil and so on.Using standard logic level signal control,it has two enable control ends.It permits or prohibites device having a logic power supply imput without the impact of input signal,which enables the internal logic circuit part works at low voltage.The chip can connects to external detecting resistor to give the variations to the control circuit.Using L298N chip to drive the motor,this chip can drive a stepping motor or four phase stepping motor,and two DC motors as well.