Arcade Joystick

Arcade Joystick

- Marca: Seeed Studio
- Código Producto: TEM01051B
- Disponibilidad: 1
Precio: $24.19 Sin Impuesto: $20.50


This is a 4-way arcade joystick of crystal ball, metal shell and 4 momentary switches. The 4 momentary switches convert your move into a set of 4-way signals so that would send direction commands to your project.  Also, it is industrial-standard and heavy-duty designed and will be cool to control your robots or any other machines.


  • Original arcade style
  • Florid globular knob
  • 4-way action
  • Spring return-to-center


  • Dimension : 78*95*39 (pedestal); 35*35*70 (knob)
Arcade Joystick
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